The Hannah Cake

That’s going to be a Happy Post

It all started when my best friend Hannah wanted to go away for a year after graduation. And so she did..yesterday night her flight left for Melbourne, Australia. I was thinking about what to get her as a leaving present..What do you give someone you won’t see for a whole year? It’s hard. I found this cake in the latest issue “Bakery – Special 2014” of the german magazine Lecker (which is by the way one of the best food magazines ever – please check it out) and I thought it’s going to do exactly that: Make her happy.


I started the cake last Thursday, went shopping for the ingredients in the morning and then baked the cake in the afternoon. I experimented with the amount of food coloring to exactly get the colors I wanted.


I set the order of the coloured butter creams with green on the top – it’s Hannah’s favorite colour.


The Cake bases have a fresh taste of lemon, perfect for the hot days here in Germany. I let it set for the night and on Friday I started decorating this lovely summer cake. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

On top is green, below is red, yellow, blue and pink. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

On top and on the sides I also sprinkled some little sugar stars in various colors. That makes the cake seem even more happier, don’t you think?


Last but not least I cut letters out of this nice blue greenish wrapping paper, put them on toothpicks and stuck them carefully into the cake. Finished!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The cakes takes about 2 hours to make plus at least 3 and a half hours of waiting for it to set and cool off (please remember that it’s good to let it set for a little while longer, the best is to do it overnight.)


For a baking tin 18 cm you need:

(If you don’t have one that size, just use a 20 cm one. I did too, you just need to add about 20-30 grams to every ingredient plus an additional egg and about half a lemon more.)

Makes about 12 pieces

Baker’s Note: I used less of the cream cheese for the decoration. Use more icing sugar until the mixture becomes really really thick. Otherwise the mixture is too liquid and will flow into each other when putting the different layers onto the cake.


Beautiful flowers from our garden.. again something that makes people happy right?

Sadly Hannah couldn’t take the cake with her on the 25 hours flight so we already ate the cake on Friday. She loved it anyway.

photo 1-2

I miss you Hannah, have an awesome time in Australia, see ya in a year girl x

Hope you guys will try out this recipe. It may take a little bit longer than usual cakes but it’s so delicious and good looking!

Spread the happiness guys


P.S.: I have also given her something she can take with her on the flight

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