Thai Summer Rolls And Vietnamese Cabbage Salad

I’m obsessed with the blog greenkitchenstories by Luise, David and their cute little daughter Elsa from Stockholm. The past weeks my family saw me on the computer looking through all the old blog posts from them, trying their recipes and talking about their healthy vegetarian lifestyle. I’m not planning on becoming a vegetarian any time soon ( I love my slice of bread with ground pork too much) but why not adding new recipe and food ideas to my kitchen? Luckily my mom loves those ideas as well and when I said I needed “white beans, rice paper and agave syrup” she happily said yes because she as well loves to try out new things.

Back in 2011 Luise, David and Elsa travelled for half a year around California, China, Vietnam and Thailand and brought back all sorts of interesting (asian) recipes. One of them were those really nice looking Fresh Summer Rolls (and they are indeed very fresh and perfect for the hotness in summer) and this Vietnamese Banana Blossom Salad (the marinade is so god damn delicious, I’m still basking of it’s wonderful taste).


They are so delicious and you don’t have the feeling that you need meat, it’s just not necessary. I also served the dips they mentioned with them. Peanut butter whisked together with natural yoghurt (or any yoghurt of choice) and soya sauce with chopped chill and garlic, Yum!


You see? I can’t help myself with the raving.. the dish was just simply perfect. If you want to experience this mouth watering adventure as well, then hop over to greenkitchenstories, you will also find additional, really delicious recipes you wanna try out.



P.S: There are leftovers (yes, we were so full yesterday we couldn’t eat any more of the summer rolls (sadly!)) but I’m having the leftovers today and I wanna try to bake them in oil in a baking pan. I’m sure that will taste pretty darn good,too.

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2 thoughts on “Thai Summer Rolls And Vietnamese Cabbage Salad

  1. Your dad on said:

    This was really a delicious dinner!



  2. Birgit on said:

    Liebe Johanna, Du hast gestern für uns gekocht, geschnippelt, gerührt und gerollt. Dein Essen war einfach sehr, sehr lecker – hab’ vielen Dank 🙂
    Küsschen Mama


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