Hummus and Veggie Club Sandwich

While browsing through the internet I’ve discovered this wonderful shop called Free People. They don’t only have wonderful clothes –  no – they have this really cool blog too. There you can find fashion inspiration (obviously), stuff about music, DIY and they also have this really cool page about food. And Oh My God do they have yummy food there. They have lots of people from other blogs who write posts for them as well. Hop over to Free People and you will find yourself sitting in front of your computer/tablet/phone for hours until your battery dies (I suggest you use a charger) and you still haven’t gotten enough of that website.


So while I was basking I found this cool recipe from Jill of a Better Happier St. Sebastian a blog which she runs together with her fiancé. This blog has so many great food ideas and those pictures they take are so good. I always want to read more but sadly the day doesn’t have more than 24 hours…But who needs sleep anyway, right?


Mhhhhhhhh..the sandwich is really not hard to make and the result is just soo yum!

Go hop over to Free People and a Better Happier St. Sebastian and try out those delicious recipes!


Happy trying,


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