What is happiness?

Yes, I’m gonna start my post with something philosophic. And no, I didn’t turn into those dramatic “What is the sense of my life” type of people in the past few weeks. The happiness question just came up because I wanted to tell you about those yummy, delicious-looking, mouth-watering cute little pieces of happiness which my mother and I baked 2 weeks ago. And I realized that even though my mother already made a post about them, I actually didn’t. (How dare you Johanna!)

So here it is, the post about my little personal pieces of happiness.


Don’t they look totally awesome?

Is there something better than waking up after an 10 hour sleep on a Saturday, you open the door and you smell wonderful goodies being baked in the oven downstairs..mmmhhh. Thanks Mum! (She has a blog too, It’s truly epic, go check her out!)


What a beautiful sight..

The recipe is really easy and a nice change because you bake the brioches in those little forms instead just on a baking sheet. The recipe is from Brigitte Nr. 21.


I looove those small little things that make you happy, although the day hasn’t really started yet.

Let’s just take a moment and appreciate all the little things out there.


Have an awesome “little things appreciation” weekend 😀


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One thought on “Brioches

  1. Hallo Johanna, einfach lecker diese kleinen Teilchen und ein feines Frühstück mit Euch ist nicht zu toppen.
    Liebste Grüße zu Dir


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