A scarf saves lives

Hello guys,

I’m back with an awesome project I took part in. “Ein Schal fürs Leben” in english something like “A scarf saves lives”.


(Opened up my early christmas present – yay surprise – a package of wool and a knit pattern – SO EXCITED FOR THAT)

The scarf is a story about Maya and her cousin Rula who live in a camp for Syrian  political refugees. Every day they saw traumatized children who blocked everything out… They couldn’t stand seeing all the children having no real childhood, having no time to just be a child.That’s why those two woman invited children into their tent where they could play and just had time for themselves. And they started it, those “Child friendly Spaces” where traumatized refugee children could just be who they are and what they are supposed to be – children!


And that’s what Brigitte, Save the children and Lala Berlin want to call attention to with their campaign “A scarf saves lives” where you knit a scarf following the same pattern and wear it on the 10th of December.


And because my mum’s the best she taught me how to knit and we made those scarves together. Thank you Mum 🙂 Such a blast! AND of course we wore the scarves today, at work, in the tram, on the streets…


Little shooting in front of our city hall makes you smile even wider on this rainy day!


What an unique and special project which I love to be a part of!


Happy festive season y’all!



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