Bulgur, Veggie and Salad Bowl

I’m back with an exciting new recipe I wanna share with you guys. I had a terrible cold the past week and I was craving for something healthy and delicious to nourish my body so I would hopefully feel better very soon. And I found something quite like that on the internet, the lovely Ella Grace Denton gave me inspiration by posting a similar lunch just a few days ago on her instagram page. Although she hadn’t posted a recipe along with it (she caught up on that now and the recipe is up on her lovely blog now – go check it out!) I thought, why not give it a try and take the inspiration to come up with my own recipe.

Delicious Perfection in a bowl

100 g Bulgur

2 handful of corn salad

3 carrots

a handful of brown mushrooms

1/2 aubergine (eggplant)

and some olive oil, salt and pepper and some chili powder for the dressing/baking.


  1. Preheat the oven 200 °C. Cut the carrots in fries sized shapes, wash the mushrooms and the eggplant. Place all the vegetables on a baking sheet and drizzle some olive oil on top until all the vegetables are covered. Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle some chili powder on top. Place in the oven for about an hour. (I like my veggies quite crispy but they are  already fully cooked after about 30 min in the oven.)
  2. Meanwhile rinse the Bulgur and in a medium sized pot add the grain together with 250 g water. Boil up and reduce the heat so the water simmers for about 5-7 min. On the smallest heat level let the bulgur set for 20 minutes, placing the lid on the pot.
  3. Wash the corn salad and place in a bowl. On the bed of salad place half the cooked Bulgur. Put some veggies on top and sprinkle with olive oil. Enjoy!


I hope you like this bowl of healthy goodness as much as I love it! It’s a great lunch and its filling too! Inspired to make this dish was also the lovely Pauline from Living The Healthy Choice and Luise, David and little Else from Green Kitchen Stories.

Have a lovely weekend folks,





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